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Jamez Dean Inc. is proud that it can finally provide IMPROVARS to you. Many famous artists who want to stay anonymous (for obvious reasons) already use IMPROVARS and now it’s finally available for you to try.

Thanks to IMPROVARS you have the chance to make good art and to become a famous artist.

IMPROVARS works directly on the creative part of the brain. IMPROVARS has passed stringent quality control before it’s shipped.

If you are not fully satisfied with IMPROVARS, simply return the product and Jamez Dean Inc. will refund you 100% of its value, including the shipping cost. Just contact Jamez Dean Inc. within 15 days of receiving your package.


• IMPROVARS is your guarantee for artistic success..
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Improves your artistic abilities.
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Increases good art. IMPROVARS is the only way to create real art.

Physiology of the brain

artist brain on drugsIMPROVARS stimulates the Alpha State of the brain. That is where
the activity of the right brain occurs. It brings our imaginative and
creative characteristics as well as our intuition out.

If the Alpha state of the brain is healthy, then ideas will flow like
a long, winding river. Normally we go through the Alpha state at
least twice a day. It starts very early in the morning during an
intense state of relaxation.

With IMPROVARS the Alpha state works non stop.The alpha state makes us more conductive to innovative thinking, and it creates new ideas rather than just processing old ones over and over again.

Physical signs of artistic dysfunction

•Alcohol and tobacco use
•Brain or spinal-cord injuries
•Few or no exhibitions
•Nobody likes your art
•Applying for fundings
•Stealing ideas from other artists

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It works and really is a miracle formula. Now everyone can become a famous artist. The secret to artistic success is finally revealed. Being honest I admit (and if you're honest you'll admit it too) normal inspiration doesn't exist. Improvars is the only way to make art.
(wants to stay anonymous), USA

I was sure right from the time I was ordering that I would have a good experience with IMPROVARS and I really had an awesome time. Everything from your site to delivery, your commitment, the product is so awesome. Before Improvars I was an unknown poor painter. I had no exhibitions, no one liked my art. Thanks to Improvars I have worldwide exhibitions, do talkshows, go to designer shows, get recognized in the streets, etc etc etc etc etc etc.
(wants to stay anonymous), BE

Hi, it worked great for me, and I didn't feel any side-effects besides some narcissism. But I don't care about that. Now I finally make good and real art. I studied art but those stupid art schools and academies never learned me a damn thing. With Improvars I'm a good artist.
Sam Burnet, UK

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